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This system allows an electronic control of prepayment for the supply of water and electricity to the ships which request it at Port.

The Users (Ship owners, net-makers etc...) may use the supply points of electricity and water, by effecting a prepayment of the services in favour of the Port Authorities.

The Users then will receive an 'electronic support' (CHIP), on which the date of the transaction will be logged, and also the cost. In this fashion, via the equipment of control installed in the outlets of supply at the Port, the Users may have access to the required services.



From the software perspective, the architecture utilized is of 'client-server'. The system is composed of two types of different programs: A Server which effects programmed tasks and centralizes the communications with the towers, and a Client, offering the User a very user-friendly console.

This architecture makes possible different configurations of hardware:

  • The system can be utilized on just one unique position, in such way that the client program as much as the server program are effected in the same machine and this has the connection to the towers (a Modem GSM, for example). This configuration would be basic (not requiring a local network) and it would not permit the possibilities of multi-users of the system. Initial input and recording of the electronic balance on the Support which is handed over to the Client.
  • An intermediary approach, can happen using a machine with a server program, the connection to the towers and the client program, and separately having a second machine with a Client Program, connected through the local departmental network The connection to the towers can be effected through GSM or Ethernet (cable, fibre of WiFi).
  • A final operation is to separate the server program into a more specialized machine, where it could also work as a service, at the same time to equip a group of machines with the Client program, and one of various systems of connection with the towers.




Electronic Support of Transaction

This system stores, in a secure way, the details of each client and the cost of the supply requested.

This information is recorded as soon as the service is contracted, via the software of control of procedure, and it will allow later for the terminals of control to authorise the supply only up to the maximum volume corresponding to the cost paid.

The User can spread the consumption into various takes, up to the end of the total balance of the cost. In such cases it will be necessary to proceed to a new contract of the service, with the necessary recording of the transaction.


  • Portability: Due to its small size (17 mm x 6 mm) it is easily transported.
  • Capacity for lecture and recording, sufficient for storing in a SECURED AND RELIABLE WAY the details of the initial transaction and the later operations of supply. Retention of information guaranteed for about 10 years and at least 1,000,000.00 of operations of lecture/recording.
  • Resistance to adverse conditions (weather related, falls, knocks etc...). This conditions not only relates to the support, but also to the Terminals of control of the supply, which normally they are exposed to all kind of weather extreme conditions, and therefore they must have a very substantial and resistant system capable to deal with that sort of conditions. The support can function within a very wide range of temperatures (-40/o. to +70/o C). It is resistant to forces of 500 g's and it operates on salty environments without any type of malfunction of damage.
  • Simplicity of use: Simple reading and recording and easy to operate, even in conditions of difficult connection.
  • High speed of communication (16,300 bits/sec.)
  • Integrity and guarantee of the stored information.
  • Different services with one unique support (water, electricity, etc.).
  • Confidentiality: The information is protected by various security keys.



Electronic Support of the transaction (image 1)
Control Terminals of the supply in the 'outlets' of the supply (image 2)
Software for the control and procedure (image 3)



  • Control Unit with Microprocessor.
  • Two screens of liquid crystal (one for each service), with back-lighting (visible as much in sunlight as in poor light conditions). Each screen has two lines of 20 characters of substantial size (10 mm. high).
  • Two reading units / recorders of the Support. One for each type of supply.
  • The keypad is strong and anti-vandal of 4 keys, which permits the User to effect the necessary operations on the Terminal (reduction of the balance to supply, cancellation of the process, etc..).
  • Meters for water and electricity, endowed with transmitter of impulses, to register the consumption of each service.
  • Electro valve and Power contact, which control the two types of supply. All electronic circuits have the best protections incorporated.
  • Attachment for fixing to a lamp-post, ground or wall. The only external elements are the Readers of the Supports, the keyboard and the outlets and takes of the supply.
  • Alternatively, the terminals of control can be equipped with a Modem GSM, which enables the reading of effected operations and the remote control of the terminal.


General Operation

  • The Client requests the credit balance under contract which he thinks necessary within the sites destined by the Ports Authorities to this effect. At that precise moment the process of pre-payment takes effect, the respective bill is issued, and the recording of the 'support' with the corresponding credit balance takes place. This 'Support' gives the User the right to utilize the service from the outlets and takes of supply installed within the Docks or Ports.
  • The User connects the 'support' to the control terminal, to the reader correspondent to the service required and reduces if needed, through the keyboard, the maximum balance to supply. If there is a balance, the electro valve or the contact is activated and permits the supply. The system knows at all times, which is the consumption and the cost incurred. In this way when the credit balance is fully utilized, the supply is cut automatically and the service is deactivated.
  • The User, if so wishes, can finalize the operation before the remaining credit is finished, by connecting again the Support to the terminal, so the credit balance is put up to date and may be consumed in future operations.



The Customer Application can be installed on multiple positions and it is the vehicle to the User. It has restricted access by the User and a Password, with several levels of functionality.

It allows:

  • Control and register of transactions contracted by the Users.
  • Initial Input and recording of an electronic credit balance into the Support which is given to the Client.
  • Remote control or the Terminals of control connected via GSM.
  • Management of the programmed readings of the terminals GSM.


Terminals of Control

This equipment is positioned within the channels of supply of water and electricity to the ships, and it has as the purpose of controlling the supply, registering everything up to a programmed contract credit balance.

Therefore the Terminal has an inbuilt 'reading unit'/ 'recording of supports' for each available service, reading initially the credit balance contained in the Support. The User is able to reduce the credit balance in order to utilize the remaining balance on other services or terminals.

Once the credit balance is fixed, the terminal sets in action an electronic valve\or a power contact which allows the supply of water or electricity, respectively. At any time the capacity of liquid or the supplied power is under control (through generated signals emitted by the meters which emit impulses).

The services of water or electricity can be simultaneously utilized, since they operate totally independent of each other.

Once the supply is finished, the Client connects again his support to the reading correspondent to the Terminal, being in this way disconnected the Service and recording in the Support remaining credit balance. The supply in any case is automatically disconnected once the credit balance is fully used in the Terminal.

The two screens of liquid crystal inform the User of the running process, actual balance, help messages, etc... Each terminal has also a keyboard 'anti-vandal' and 'anti-shock' and resistant to the weather inclemency, which permits the User total control of the balance and the service as he wants to utilize it.

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