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  • Industrial Hand Terminal, ergonomic, small, light and strong.
  • Comfortable, since it enables the user to be 'hands-free' for the handling of other articles and functions, such as the buzzer or vibrator for jobs in noise environments.
  • Capable to receive commands though the movements of the hand, with the innovative concept of accelerometer on 3D.
  • Without loss of data during the change of battery, since it has a feeder system of support, plus the possibilities offered by the clock of real time.
  • Modular Concepts for the integration of Surrounding Equipment.
  • Double processor and possibility of the fast generation of defined applications for each need.



  • Emulator/ evolution of the Scanner Metrological IS4320.
  • Surrounding (supporting) equipment for the capture of data (Keyboard, Scanner...) fully portable and wireless.
  • Hands-Free: Enable functions of data collection 'as you go', without compromising the mobility of the user.
  • Due to the fact that it functions as an Autonomous Terminal, allows the execution of applications of collection and capture of date from small to medium complexity, programmed through the Applications Generator or the Advanced Development Kit:
  • Catalogues for Shops or Stores.
  • Confection of labels
  • Storage Movements.




  • USB 2.0 Full Speed device (12Mbits/s).
  • Other operations (Wifi, Bluetooth, RS232, etc..) within modules (parameters) of expansion.


  • 2 Lateral slots, independently equipped for modules of 1D laser scanner, 2D imager, Wifi,  Bluetooth, RS-232, etc...


  • Operative System: uCLinux.
  • Operative surrounding: Embedded GNU/Linux (uCLib, BusyBox, etc...).


Console for the User

  • Back-illuminated Keyboard of 18 Keys.
  • 10 Keys programmable by the User.
  • Possibility or the introduction of alphanumerical characters by multiple keying mode (like on a Mobile phone).
  • LCD Graphic B/N retro-illuminated, 128 x 64 pixels of resolution.
  • Accelerometer 3D for the incoming of commands, via the movement of the hand (laser activation, screen navigation, etc..).
  • Vibrator for signalisation within noisy environments.
  • Buzzer.

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  • Innovative Industrial Hand Terminal of new generation.
  • Ergonomically adaptable to the back of the left or right hand. Extremely small, light and strong.
  • Hands-Free: Enable functions of data collection ' as you go ', without compromising the mobility of the user.
  • Modular: Range of surrounding equipment which might be incorporated to implement communications (Wifi, Bluetooth, RS232...), Barcode Scanners, etc...


Modular Concept

Central Body:

  • CPU.
  • Units of Storage: Flash, RAM, and Slot MicroSD.
  • GUI: Keyboard and Graphic LCD B/N.
  • Basic connectivity for USB 2.0.
  • Principal Battery Ion-Li of fast extraction, rechargeable internal or externally.

Modules of Lateral Expansion:

  • Scanner Laser 1D or 2D.
  • Interconnection Wifi or Bluetooth.
  • Interconnection RS-232, compatible with IS-4320.
  • etc.



Storage / Feeding Data


  • Principal Battery: Ion-Li, 3.6 V / 900 mAh, of fast extraction. Rechargeable with external charger or internally through the connector USB.
  • Support Battery: Li-Mn, to maintain the Real Time Clock and RAM in absence of the Principal Battery.


  • Flash 256 Kb: Bootloader and small applications.
  • RAM 8 Mb: Archives of Data and applications.
  • Card Micro MMC / SD: S.O., archives of data and complex applications.

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