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Product: Taid Bt Datalogger With Bluetooth Communications For Refeer Trucks And Cold Rooms



TAID-BT is a device conceived for the registration of temperature (together with other possible parameters) in both mobile and fixed refrigerated platforms, such as refeer containers in trucks. The device enables the installation of up to 2 Pt100 temperature probes for the registration of 2 independent areas from the same device.

TAID-BT has an external feeding connection but also a supply battery for 72 operation hours.

A keyborad enables the introduction of data and also the configuration of the device and a screen allows a direct visualization of the registered data. This feature makes TAID-BT an authorized device following the EN12830 regulation.

Registered data communication is made via 2.4 GHz 2.0 interface to a device such a Smartphone or tablet or via ISM radiofrequency band to another device developed by PRODIMAR.



TAID-BT is, mainly, a temperature recorder for refrigerated trucks or chambers. It is designed to hold 2 different Pt100 temperature probes for the control of 2 different areas, such as refrigerated and freezing platforms.

The installation is easy. It feeds externally but it contains also a back-up battery that allows to internally register termperature data when the device is not receiving external power.

TAID-BT contains an internal memory where it stores the registered temperature data. According to the specific configuration it can send the data via Bluetooth to a device such as a Smartphone or tablet or it can send it via ISM radiofrequency band to another device or Access Point designed by PRODIMAR. These devices will send the received data (via GPRS, Wifi, etc.) to a program for its control.

TAID-BT has been conceived initially for the temperature control in trucks with dual refeer zone. It sends temperature data to a server for its control using, for example, a Smartphone. However it also can control the temperature in fixed refrigerated chambers, communicating these data via ISM radiofrequency band to an Access Point that will manage the sending to the control program.

In addition, TAID-BT can be used as a gathering device for data coming from other data loggers operating in 868 RF band and designed by PRODIMAR. These devices, such as TAID-DL, register a wide range of variables, such as humidity, illumination, etc. In this case, TAID-BT can concentrate its own registered data (coming from its temperature probes and its digital inputs) and data coming from other 868 devices, sending all these data in real time via Bluetooth or 868 to another device (Smartphone, AP) for the final sending to the management program.



  • TAID-BT is a dual zone temperature data logger for the control of temperature in refeer chambers or platforms.
  • It contains an internal memory for the storage of the registered data.
  • It has Bluetooth communication for the sending of the registered data, using the Bluetooth 2.0 interface, to a devices such as Smartphones, tablets or PCs. These devices, according to the case, will manage the data or will send them (GRPS) to the management program.
  • The device has incorporated a 868 MHz radio transceiver. It makes possible to connect the TAID-BT to a wide range of devices developped by PRODIMAR with the same communication protocol, such as TAID-DL in order to obtain not only information relative to the temperature, but also to another variables (illumination, humidity, impacts, etc.). In addition, this transceiver allows that TAID-BT can send data via 868 MHz to other devices apart from the Bluetooth communication.
  • 4 digital inputs enable the control of other parameters such as door openings.
  • An interna back up battery gives the device the possibility of registering data without external power during, at least, 72 hours. In normal conditions, TAID-BT is feeding externally.
  • TAID-BT can be installed externally with a IP66 watertight case.



TAID-BT is composed by the following elements:

  • Ultra low power consumption microprocessor.
  • High-gain omnidirectional radio transceiver (high range) in 868 MHz radiofrecuency band.
  • Internal 8 Mbits memory for the data registration.
  • Back up battery to maintain the temperature registration in absence of external power.
  • Real time clock.
  • LCD screen for a direct data display and configuration of the device.
  • Membrane keyboard.
  • 2 interfaces for 2 external Pt100 termperature probes. Up to ±0,06ºC precision.
  • 4 digital inputs.

In addition, TAID-BT can contain several sensors connected to the digital inputs obtaining a more completed device. Besides and thanks to the 868 MHz radio trasceiver, the data logger can be connected to other devices developped by PRODIMAR operating in the same band, such as the TAID-DL. These devices will complement the operation of TAID-BT.

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